"The moment a child is born. . . a MOTHER is also."  -Rasjneesh


Welcome to my secret page!  If you've found yourself here you may be growing a tiny human in your belly and there's nothing more magical than this!   I love nothing more than capturing this special moment and look forward to creating beautiful timeless imagery for you and your child to remember. 





PACKAGE 1   $800:

Choose either an outdoor location or studio shoot.  Shooting time is around 1.5 - 2.5 hours depending on concept. In that time we can do as many "looks" as you'd like.   Looks meaning a change of hair, makeup, props or wardrobe.  This package includes the shoot, digital file processing, color correction and proofs.  You will have 6-8 retouched high resimages to print and the remaining shoot in low res jpgs. 

PACKAGE 2$1,200:

Everythingas stated in package 1 in addition to 8-12 retouched images,

Two   8x 10 Fine Art Prints    /    Two   11 x 14Fine Art Prints and     /   One     17 x 22 Fine Art Print.

PACKAGE 3$1,800:

Everything as stated in package one in addition :  Studio and location shoot.  Shooting time is around 4-5 hours including travel time.  10-15Retouched Images.

Four   8x 10 Fine Art Prints    /    Two   11 x 14Fine Art Prints and     /   Two     17 x 22 Fine Art Print.

PACKAGE 4 $2,500:

Everything as stated in package one in addition:  Location and studio shoot.  Shooting time is around 4-5 hours.  15-20 Retouched images. One roll of medium format film, processing and proof sheet.  2-4 high res scans.

6   8x 10 Fine Art Prints    /    Four   11 x 14Fine Art Prints and     /   Two     17 x 22 Fine Art Print.

One handmade photo album.



$25      per extra retouched image(or $100 per hour)

$30     8 x 10    Fine Art Print ($20 for duplicates)

$45     11 x 14    Fine Art Print ($25 for duplicates) 

$80    17 x 22    Fine Art Print($50 for duplicates)

$200-$1,500   Fine Art Photo Books or Albums

$125   per roll of film or polaroids ($35 per high res scan)


Please read these tips before we shoot in order to ensure the most beautiful images.  

1.  Please come in loose clothing without a bra and underwear so as to not leave marks.  Bring a robe and comfortable shoes such as UGGS to keep you warm especially if we are doing an outdoor shoot.  Warm drinks are recommended for colder days. 

2. Make sure you are hydrated  by drinking a lot of water days before the shoot as this will create a nice glow for your skin.  Also bring lotion and or oil to moisturize .

3. Clean nails look best and timeless in photographs so please make sure your nails are done in a neutral tone, no bright colors unless otherwise discussed for a special concept. 

4. Rest!  Nothing is better than a good nights sleep so make sure you get your required amount of sleep.

5. Clothing.  I always recommend sheer, see through clothing, lacy dresses, sheer fabrics, kaftans that open, dresses that open at the belly.  Unless you have something specific in mind these are usually perfect choices.  I would stay away from patterns, heavy fabrics, skirts and bandos.  

6. Props.  I like to stay away from too many props but there's nothing more beautiful and feminine than flowers whether that's a flower crown, flowers sprinkled in your hair or a flowery sheer fabric.  I also recommend using the organic props of nature, ex: seaweed and sand when at the beach or leaves at the woods.




In order to book your session a 50 % deposit is required.  The remaining is due upon completion of images.  A 25 % cancellation fee will be applied if the session is canceled less than a week prior to shooting.  If notice is less than 48 hours the deposit will not be reimbursed.  To secure your session you may paypal or venmo me at  Thank you for your message and look forward to connecting!  Javiera

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