Javiera Estrada Arist

   Javiera Estrada was born in Acapulco, Mexico on Aug. 6. making her a Leo Rooster with a Scorpio Moon.  During her educational years Javiera was classically trained in piano and violin which continues to influence her aesthetic through visual lyricism.  In conjunction,  the artist's vivid dreamworld has shaped memories into reality, impacting her imagination and fate.

    A seeker of the spiritual nature of the inner terrain, Javiera believes that every piece of art created is a self-portrait, a physical expression of that inner world that is nameless.  Furthermore, her fascination with the timeless themes of life + death, has led to the exploration of unmasking the layers between darkness and light.  Using photography as her visual journal, the sound of the camera's click is the confluence between reality and the ethereal.

    A multifarious artist,  her creative expression encompasses traditional photography alongside mixed media. The latter journeys the natural cycle of decomposition and is reflected through the deconstruction of an image.  The photograph has been altered and the result is a fragmentary view of what was once whole.  A symbol of transient beauty.

  Javiera's art has been exhibited in numerous galleries and most recently on actor Kevin Bacon's television series THE FOLLOWING.  She currently resides in Culver City California with her dog-cat named LOVE.