Mixed Media Collaboration with Painter Andreanna Iakovidis

Life's A Peach

60 x 84 Life's A Peach

In this multi-media collaboration, Andreanna Iakovidis (painting) and Javiera Estrada (photography) explore the dichotomy of our modern day existence: dynamic, organic subjects moving towards abarren, lifeless reality. THE NATURE OF REALITY provides a visual commentary on our modern world in which society has become more and more disconnected from the natural environment and displaced into subhuman spaces that are vast, desolate and a hindrance on the human spirit.  

Javiera Estrada's landscape photography of the America Southwest exposes us to a strange, yet all to real world; dry, disparate, hopeless. Together with Andreanna Iakovidis' oil painted subjects, the two co-exist sparking a connection between what's foreign and what's true.